IBS 2019

Biofilm Contamination: The F&B Industry’s Biggest Threat to Profitability : Be part of the 3rd event of the International Biofilm Summit !

After the success and exceptional satisfaction rate of the first two editions of the International Biofilm Summit (IBS) initiated by REALCO - worldwide leader in enzymatic cleaning solutions and biofilm treatment - we have the pleasure of inviting you to its third event. The IBS 2019 will take place in Parma (Italy) on the 23rd & 24th of October 2019. The International Biofilm Summit is a worldwide conference with high-quality presentations focused on biofilm’s issues in the food and beverage industry. Since the first event in 2015, the IBS keeps the industry informed about bio lm’s latest news and innovative solutions.

Biofilm is not only a public health issue, its understanding and control also play a key role in terms of cost-effectiveness.

This Summit is a unique crossroad where scientists, academicians, managers, technicians and directors share experiences and inspiring solutions to ensure safety and finished products of the best quality. In short, the IBS is a perfect mix of solutions, experiences and relevant study cases from all around the world to improve production process, food quality and preservation.

A great occasion to meet the nest selection of Biofilm- experts, Food Safety and Quality Control managers and develop some professional network!

IBS 2015-2017

The first two events (Brussels and Lisbon) gathered more than 150 participants each from the whole Food and Beverage sector, coming from 22 different countries: notable academics, scientific experts, food processors and cleaning companies from all over the world. The guests and sponsors rated the event with 4.3/5 for their global satisfaction.

The following themes were covered through various presentations and workshops:

  • Biofilms in the food industry: definition, issues, risks and solutions
  • Biofilms in Open Plant
  • Cleaning Biofilms in Cleaning-in-Place
  • Food safety
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